Farm & Landscaping Products

We have everything you need and more to help your vision come to life for your lawn and garden. Some of our product lines include straw bales, sod, cow manure and more!

Products We Offer

  • Straw
  • Pine Straw Bales
  • Straw Mat 8 x 112 ft
  • Sod Staples 50 count
  • Pellitized Lime 50lb. Bag
  • Contractor Mix Seed 50lb. Bag
  • Triple Crown Seed 50lb. Bag
  • Landscape Fabric
    • 3 x 50
    • 4 x 100
    • Truck Snow Plows, Hand Shovels
    • Truck Salt Spreaders
    • Buyers, Western, Boss, Chapin Hand Push Plows
    • Walk Behind Salt Spreaders Liquid De-ice
    • Calcium/Magnesium Chloride Salt Eliminator
    • Salt (Bag or Bulk)