Landscaping Services

No matter what you have in mind for your yard, we can make it happen! If you want your lawn to gleam with the pristine shine of a football field, then our turf management services can take care of that! We can also install luxurious fire pits, patios and curbing from virtually any kind of material. Have an idea for a flower bed? Let our team do the landscaping for you! We can lay beautiful mulch, trim hedges, pull weeds, and fertilize your lawn until you hardly recognize it!

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flowerbed with gravel

Landscape Design

Kick off your project with a great plan! Our professional landscape design team can help you choose the best plants to thrive at your home or business and beautifully design them.

residential lawn

Landscape Maintenance

We offer landscaping maintenance, which includes shrub/tree trimming along with regular maintenance like pulling weeds, refreshing mulch, applying pre-emergent, and more.

retaining wall landscape feature

Landscape Installs

We offer complete landscaping makeovers with new installs that range from block walls to decorative curbing and more! Leave it to our experts to integrate unique landscaping features.

landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

We offer landscape lighting services to elegance and functionality to lawns. We can incorporate lighting details around flowerbeds, walkways and virtually any outdoor area.

treated turf

Turf & Lawn Treatments

From soil sampling to yearly turf programs, we offer a variety of techniques to help your lawn to flourish. We offer a yearly turf program that consists of fertilizing, pre-emergents, and post-emergents. This includes 2 Spring applications, 1 Summer application and 2 Fall applications. We also offer customized turf applications for athletic turf fields.

custom firepit


Hardscapes are at the heart of outdoor entertainment. From fire pits and patios to paving and stones, we can incorporate striking hardscape features to elevate your outdoor spaces.

large retaining wall

Retaining Walls & Curbing

Add functionality to your lawn with retaining walls and extra visual appeal with decorative curbing. We house a wide variety of curbing designs and wall materials to customize your design.

paver patio

Paver Patios

Let us help you create the perfect outdoor space you and your friends can enjoy for entertainment! Our uniquely crafted paver patios offer the luxury and functionality that every lover of the outdoors needs. Choose from intricate stone colors and style types to customize your look.

plowing snow

Winter Services

We offer commercial snow removal so you can get where you need to be with no trouble! This includes removing snow from parking lots, sidewalks and applying salt and/or calcium/magnesium chloride to affected areas if needed. We also sell salt by the bag and offer commercial snowplows and salt spreaders; let us install them for you or you can install it yourself!


We have everything you need and more to help your vision come to life for your lawn and garden. We're your go-to landscaping resource for mulch in bulk, gravel, retaining walls and so much more. Some of our product lines even include items for the farm like straw bales and sod.

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An Overview

See the full checklist of landscaping supplies and services we offer below. If you don't see a service listed or have a question regarding our products and more, please call us today (270) 422-7700.

  • Lawn Care
  • Landscape Installs
  • Maintenance & Lighting
  • Decorative Curbing
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paver Patios
  • Fire Pits
  • Lawn Spraying
  • Power Seeding
  • Finish Grading
  • Commercial Snow Removal
  • Seed, Fertilizer & Straw
  • Snow Products
  • Decorative Gravel
  • Boulders & Fieldstone
  • Commercial Gravel
  • Bulk & Bagged Mulch
  • Retaining Block
  • Pavers
  • Landscaping Tools

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